Over the course of my career, I have done a great deal of writing, much of it technical, some of it creative. A few examples are provided below to illustrate the types of writing I have done. Whenever possible, downloadable versions of pieces are provided; in some cases, confidentiality agreements prevent me from providing copies.

Translation is not Enough:
Sapient white paper on globalization and global Internet development (2000). The paper and its contents have been presented numerous times, most notably at CommerceNet 2000. Co-authored with John Harris, Director of Technology at Sapient.
Style guide describing visual and information design standards for a customer service extranet. The guide also provided guidelines on leveraging the design system for use with other WageWorks initiatives. Co-authored with Ryan Hoguet (visual designer). The entire text of the style guide is proprietary and thus not available.
Code standards
Sapient North American Web development coding standards, created to provide some guidelines for newly hired developers, and to encourage consistency in development practice.
Management plan for a global digital media style guide (Fortune 500 client), detailing organizational structures, roles and tasks for different leaders, change management processes, etc.. For reasons of confidentiality, the entire document is not available for download.

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