Wedding web site

  • Date: 2006
  • Roles played: Information architect, graphic designer, Web and database developer
  • Development language: PHP
  • Key technologies used: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Screenshot: See screenshot below
  • Demonstration: Please refer to the Wedding web site

Problem: Provide friends and family with detailed information about a wedding, and use the site to simplify wedding planning as much as possible!

Solution: Build a basic Web site with a simple RSVP system, and integrate it with Movable Type to provide news and update functionality. Use graphic and information design that matches printed invitations as much as possible. Include dashboard functionality that provides reporting on RSVP progress, outstanding invitations, and meal preferences.

Wedding invitation

Online invitation mimics design of actual printed invitation, and includes a dynamic countdown timer


Online RSVP system allows for easier tracking of responses and meal requests

News and updates

Integration of Web site with Movable Type software allows a blog to be embedded, so that dynamic news and updates can be provided up until the wedding; RSS and Atom feeds are offered to simplify access to news content

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