packLet: User interface layout in Tcl/tk

  • Date: 1999
  • Roles played: User interface designer and developer
  • Development platform: n/a (Viewable on any platform with a Tcl/Tk interpreter)
  • Development language: Tcl/Tk

packLet was a tool originally developed for a Tcl/Tk tutorial. It was meant to illustrate the way geometry management works in Tcl/Tk. More specifically, Tk uses a ‘container-based’ system for geometry management. Widgets are packed inside a container, and the interface developer specifies their location and how they fill the remaining space within the container. If a container becomes sufficiently complex, it can become difficult to visualize precisely how widgets will be added to the container, and how they should be ‘anchored’ within it. packLet provides a quick way to visualize this process, and is thus not only useful as a teaching device, but also for application development.

packLet was featured on the Scriptics Web site. (NOTE: Download the source code below for a stand-alone version that does not require the Tcl/Tk browser plug-in).

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