Web and Application Technology

Technology has been a core aspect to much of my work, starting with my scientific research (where I programmed extensively in FORTRAN 77), all the way through my web application development using PHP and MySQL. Technology helps define what’s possible in the digital world; good strategies rely on understanding it and using it effectively.

Web development

From marketing sites to social networks to web applications, I’ve done my share of web site development. My work has encompassed all aspects of development, including semantic markup, creation of JavaScript and CSS frameworks, PHP scripting, and database design and development. Here are a few examples of my work, dating back to my first web application in 1997:

April 2006 – August 2009

Time is money in the consulting business, and it’s critical to be able to track hours across a series of clients and projects. OPS was designed and built to meet this need, with a flexible, object-oriented infrastructure, tiered permissions, reporting and more.

March – August 2004

The 2004 election was a close race, with voters in swing states playing a crucial role. A small group of concerned citizens and I designed and built this social networking site aimed at getting out the vote.

2006 – 2008

Another critical element of the design consulting business is presentation of work in progress, and handoff of final assets. I designed and built a flexible, project-based system designed to support design presentations to diverse clients, across multiple projects.

January – June 2006

Wedding planning is no small task…In an effort to make it easier, when I got married, I built a simple web site to distribute information and handle RSVPs.

January – May 2003

In a significant upgrade of the Proactiv web site, the entire product catalog was presented online, along with testimonials and significant improvements in online customer support.

1997 – 1999

A secure, CGI-based interface to high-performance supercomputing systems, developed for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Application development

An interactive 3-D visualization environment that can be used to build complex, low-energy crystal shapes of any specified symmetry. Prior to this tool’s creation, there was no simple, visual interface that allowed people to perform these types of calculations.

A simple tool that helps Tcl/Tk application developers to visualize the way containment-based "geometry management" works in the Tk programming language. tkPack was not only a tutorial device, but was highly useful as a first step in Tcl/Tk application development.

A graphical tool that allows users to visualize and control processes running on their UNIX machine.

A graphical user interface to the Vienna ab initio simulation package (VASP).

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