Leadership takes many shapes, and in my twelve years as a consultant, I’ve had the good fortune to pursue most of them with great colleagues and mentors at my side. Whether it’s providing leadership within a company, offering mentorship and career support to others, or helping lead project teams to success, I’ve always found leadership to be both rewarding and educational. The act of leading not only provides clear benefit to others, but it also helps refine character.

Company leadership

As a senior staff member at multiple consulting agencies, I have always had the opportunity to help shape company vision, and to help support the company’s market position by:

  • Continually demonstrating company values and principles
  • Contributing to internal company initiatives (e.g., team and discipline organization, go-to-market strategy development)
  • Analyzing and recommending approaches to streamline company operations
  • Performing externally facing thought leadership work and speaking engagements

Project team leadership

In my twelve years of experience, spanning probably close to 100+ projects, I’ve led numerous project teams successfully by:

  • Maintaining positive client relationships
  • Working with clients to define and clarify the scope of work, objectives and conditions of satisfaction
  • Assessing team strengths and assigning work to optimize those strengths
  • Tracking effort to deliver projects on time and on budget as much as possible
  • Providing support to my team members

Project management

In consulting practice, it’s not possible to be an effective company or project team leader without performing basic project management duties. My responsibilities have included:

  • Assisting with business development and proposal creation
  • Performing project scoping and cost estimation
  • Acting to define and mitigate risk, and to identify the critical elements of success
  • Creating actionable and realistic project schedules
  • Working with others to allocate project resources

Mentorship and career development

As a Director of Web Development at Sapient, I was responsible for the career growth of a 20+ person discipline in the San Francisco office. I supported my team through:

  • Helping to identify people’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • Determining actionable plans people to help them achieve personal goals
  • Facilitating interpersonal relationships when conflict arises
  • Offering friendship and support, and trying constantly to serve as a positive example

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