Information architecture

Over the years, I’ve done pure marketing site, social networking sites, web applications, and mixtures of all three. The samples of information architecture (IA) work below illustrate some key design activities an IA must perform when creating a useful, usable Web site.

An example of a Web site map, which represents the hierarchical organization of information within a site; this particular map represents a customer service extranet. A PDF version of this document is also available here (180K).

Wireframe (page schematic) that uses color, images, and type hierarchy to create a stronger sense of actual look and feel (graphic design).

Wireframe (page schematic) created using grayscale and little color to emphasize information architecture (content, hierarchy, classification).

Simple wireframe (page schematic) used to illustrate a concept, rather than a completed information architecture.

Diagram illustrating the steps a user would take to accomplish a common task (in this case, within a desktop application).

Schematic representation of content within a relational database, which will ultimately be delivered in a Web site with highly dynamic content.

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