I show businesses how to succeed in the digital landscape. My technical depth, intuition, and facilitation skills enable me to quickly grasp, simplify and articulate business needs, and then develop strategies to realize them. When combined with my expertise in experience design and development, I can use these strategic foundations to create valuable digital products, services and applications. For over 12 years, across numerous industries and companies in the Fortune 500, I’ve been an indispensable strategic thinker, leader, designer and technologist.

Design and technology strategy

Digital business strategy: The strategic landscape in the online digital world has gotten significantly more complicated since the early days of the Web. It used to be that companies mostly needed to focus on their web sites. Today, company web sites have become part of a broader digital ecosystem that includes social media platforms and mobile applications. I help companies navigate this rocky and evolving terrain. Learn more


Web and application technology: Broad experience developing both static and database-driven Web sites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL) and desktop applications. Learn more


Leadership: It takes many shapes, and in my twelve years as a consultant, I’ve had the good fortune to pursue most of them with great colleagues and mentors at my side. Whether it’s providing leadership within a company, offering mentorship and career support to others, or helping lead project teams to success, I’ve always found leadership to be both rewarding and educational. Learn more

Workshop creation and facilitation

Workshop design and facilitation: Workshops can be incredibly powerful tools if done properly. Too often, however, the term workshop in the consulting world means "a collective waste of time and money." I have extensive experience designing and leading effective workshops that provide companies with significant value. Learn more

Information architecture

Information architecture: Web sites can contain complex information hierarchies, which are confusing if not designed appropriately. With a solid architecture in place, pages within sites then need to present information clearly, and offer behaviors and interactions that are intuitive. Learn more about my work in IA and user-experience design.

Information design

Information design: It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that I’m an Edward Tufte fanboy. I’ve always had a fascination with creating compelling visual displays of ideas and information, and enjoy exercising my information design muscles whenever I get the chance. Learn more


Writing: I’ve enjoyed writing professionally for fifteen years, across a variety of topics and interests (scientific writing, Internet consulting, personal blog); numerous publications in the scientific literature and elsewhere. Learn more

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