Here are a few presentations I’ve given over the years. Please visit the Technology page for additional work specifically related to Web technologies.

Facilitation Training
A gaping chasm lives between a good meeting that achieves the desired outcome and a bad one that wastes everyone’s time. A great facilitator helps participants cross that chasm. Here are some training materials I created and then used repeatedly to help impart this skill to my team members and co-workers. I found the most effective use of this material was as complement and guide to multi-day working sessions that balance presentation, discussion, and actual practice facilitation. During my tenure at Sequence, the presentation and workshops were highly valuable for our teams, and led to me being given an Innovation Award.
How to build a social media strategy
July 2010
Social media was the buzzword of the day, but few companies knew what it meant to their business, or how it might integrate with your other online activities. This presentation provides an integrated strategy framework, along with a clear approach to developing an effective social media strategy.
Twitter 101+
January 2010
Want to know the basics of Twitter, and then take it a bit further? Here’s my take on the popular microblogging platform, and what you need to know to make the most of it.
Will “Good enough” kill the digital design agency?
May 2010, Academy of Art College lecture, San Francisco
A lot has changed since the early days of web design, when tools were scarce and skills were in high demand. Design tools, platforms and patterns have become ubiquitous (and often free). Does this spell the end for digital design agencies?
Progressive Drawing
A technique for drawing complex forms and objects based on the idea that you can draw anything once you’ve really seen it (or understand the essence of the form (part of the #GEDraws series that I co-chaired at GE Digital)
Perspective 101
A brief review of the basics of perspective drawing (part of the #GEDraws series that I co-chaired at GE Digital)
iPad Drawing Apps
Overviews and feature comparisons of three popular drawing applications on the iPad (Concepts, 53 Paper, and Sketch II).
What is Web 2.0?
June 2005
When the term Web 2.0 first emerged, many businesses wondered what it meant for their business, and whether it was relevant. This presentation outlines thinking done while at MetaDesign, and how Web 2.0 was relevant to clients.