There are many good things I could say. I value your mentorship. Your ease of collaboration…Your willingness to teach and correct. Your radical candor. Your deep understanding of UI elements, especially regarding the [GE Design] system. Thanks!

– Morgan Prenger, GE UX Leadership Program (2016)

I consider it a great responsibility, honor and true pleasure when I am able to mentor others. Whether it’s more junior team members, or senior practitioners needing to delve into a new area, it’s incredibly rewarding for me to be given the chance to directly impact someone in a positive way. As a mentor, in the context of disciplines, project teams or broader organizations, I take great pride in:

  • Helping to identify people’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • Determining actionable plans to help people achieve personal goals
  • Facilitating interpersonal relationships when conflict arises
  • Offering friendship and support, and trying constantly to serve as a positive example

I learned a lot from you explicitly (via our little JavaScript/Git lessons and the like) and implicitly (via observation of your attention to detail and the depth of thought around functionality). You also demonstrated an appetite for continued learning, which is refreshing to see in a senior person. Thanks for your patience and wisdom and generosity over the past months.

– David Eicke, GE UX Leadership Program (2017)


  • Senior Staff UX Interaction Designer (GE): Provided guidance to product team members under my oversight (five separate applications, four individuals); mentored two individuals in GE’s UX Leadership Program (UXLP);
  • Director of Interaction Design and Web Development (Sequence): Led both the interaction design and Web development teams in a small design agency (teams of 2-4 individuals)
  • Director of Web Development (Sapient): Responsible for the career growth of a 20+ person discipline