Design Leadership


Design Team Leadership

My tactical leadership of project and application teams has involved many different things, all in the support of creating great outcomes for clients, customers and end users:

  • Maintaining positive client relationships (i.e., in consulting engagements)
  • Working with clients to define and clarify the scope of work, objectives and conditions of satisfaction
  • Assessing team strengths and assigning work to optimize those strengths
  • Tracking effort to deliver projects on time and on budget as much as possible
  • Providing support to my team members

Discipline Leadership

Outside the context of projects and application development, I’ve had the opportunity to work on aspects of the design discipline within an organization itself:

  • Role definition and competency model creation
  • HR-related activities (hiring, compensation and bonus management, disciplinary action, termination)
  • Discipline growth and evolution, specifically in terms of team capabilities

Project Management

Project mechanics are an inescapable part of design leadership. I have extensive experience with all aspects of project management, including:

  • Assisting with business development and proposal creation
  • Performing project scoping and cost estimation
  • Acting to define and mitigate risk, and to identify the critical elements of success
  • Creating actionable and realistic project schedules
  • Working with others to allocate project resources

Company Leadership

As a senior design practitioner and leader, I have often had the role of shaping and advocating the role of design within the companies where I’ve worked. :

  • Articulating the role of design relative to other disciplines
  • Working to foster positive relationships across discipline and organizational leadership
  • Contributing to internal company initiatives (e.g., team and discipline organization, go-to-market strategy development)
  • Analyzing and recommending approaches to streamline company operations, specifically as it relates to how design is practiced in conjunction with other company functions