For many businesses, life on the Web is a piece of cake. Slap up a site about your company, products and/or services, and you’re done (ok..it’s not that easy, but you get the idea). For bigger businesses, especially international ones, things are more complicated. While life for these companies on the Web may start as a single site, over time things change. New sites crop up like unwanted guests at a dinner party, and making them go away isn’t easy. In the same way that city growth can lead to suburban sprawl, company growth and product or service evolution leads to its messy digital equivalent: Web site sprawl.Read More →

There’s a big gap between theory and practice when it
comes to digital ecosystems, and what it takes to make them a reality for a business. By following the guiding principles below, companies can bridge the gap more easily, and make their digital ecosystems successful.

"In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is."   – Yogi Berra

It’s clear that digital ecosystems offer benefits for businesses, but it’s not all wine and roses. It takes effort to design and maintain these ecosystems, which is why many businesses wind up with a more fragmented approach to their online (and offline) activities. After all, a bunch of people randomly doing their own thing is a lot easier than trying to get them to play a symphony.

So what does it take for businesses to move beyond this siloed approach, to operationally deliver on the promise of digital ecosystems?Read More →

The big day has finally come: the pitch.

You and your team have been working feverishly for a week pulling together your response to the RFP. Digital strategy, audience research, creative execution, and a business case for significant future growth. You did your competitive research, understood the landscape, and developed a strong story about a 3-to-5-year arc of business growth. You hone your story, removing extraneous detail, crafting a presentation that will fit in your slim one-hour slot. And then you’re ready, finally.Read More →

In a bygone era, courageous men moved logs by the thousands with rivers, crossing vast distances and enduring enormous risks. One of the perils of the trade was the log jam, when topography and conditions conspired to bring the flow of logs to a halt. In these situations, the solution was to find the key log, the one log that, when released, would break up the entire jam.Read More →