The best thing in the world to break your routine is a vacation (preferably to someplace new and exotic). From when you wake to the moment your head hits the pillow, everything is outside your daily routine: where you sleep, what you eat, the places you go, the people with whom you interact. The comfortable slippers of your daily life are gone. It’s a fantastic way to inspire creativity, stimulate your mind and re-energize your spirit.

And then the vacation ends. You come home. What happens when you get back?
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The Wisdom 2.0 conference was an energizing event (see my synopses here and here). Not only did it remind me that I had allowed the digital world to hijack my deeper connections with the real world, but it allowed me to meet and reconnect with many inspiring and amazing people (@CDEgger, @alizasherman, @kanter, @sh0wn and @SorenG to name a few). It revealed a hunger for something deeper than bits and bytes in the world, while recognizing that our digital attachments enrich us, and present us with previously unimagined opportunities.Read More →

Cloud Doorway by Lisa Cuscuna

The sign of a good conference is one where, when you reach the end, you feel hunger for more, rather than hunger for home. While this sentiment may be profoundly against the Zen tenet that desire is the root of suffering, it’s certainly what I felt coming out of Soren Gordhamer’s Wisdom 2.0.

Saturday marked Day Two of the conference, and it proved no less fulfilling than Day One. Sunday was an unconference held at the Google campus, but I was (sadly) unable to attend. In keeping with my previous post on Day One, here are a few thoughts based on discussions during the second day, as well as a few closing thoughts.Read More →

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Wisdom 2.0 is three-day event aimed at addressing an important and timely issue:

"The question for most of us is not if we will use the technologies of our age, from cell phones to social media, the question is how can we do so with mindfulness, meaning, and wisdom?"

It is an ambitious undertaking, to say the least, but the first day showed that Soren Gordhamer (author of Wisdom 2.0) has put together something unparalleled. The afternoon included thought-provoking discussions and insights from technologists, venture capitalists, Zen abbots, publishers and neuroscientists. I’ve never seen such a diverse array of thinkers gathered for an event focused on unifying seemingly disparate ideas (i.e., technology and mindful compassion).Read More →

Things are getting a lot tougher for the jerks of the world. Do something to irritate an articulate blogger with a modest Twitter following, and you could find yourself ridiculed in a post whose flames are fanned by a hurricane of tweets. Pretty fun for everyone to watch; not so fun for the jerk. But they had it coming, right? Or did they?Read More →

I had lunch recently with @SarahKennon, aka Sarah in real life (IRL). Twitter facilitated our introduction by opening doors that may not have been cracked otherwise. We saw some shared professional interests (social media, user-experience design) and found some overlap with other things (e.g., sustainability and green). So, lunch seemed like a good idea and we met. It wound up being a fun mind-meld at Umi in Potrero Hill, a long chat about our professional trajectories, where we want to go and the kinds of strategic and design problems we like solving. While this digitally inspired crossover is pretty cool, it’s also becoming commonplace (andRead More →

my new-ish computer (dual processor 1GhZ Mac G4, 1.2Gb RAM, two internal HDs, external HD, peripherals out the kazoo, yadda yadda yadda) started getting wobbly a few months after i brought it home. after an agonizing search for obvious hardware or software boojums, i finally concluded i had reached the point of last resort: complete system reinstall.

these words are enough to strike terror into most people who rely on magical boxes for their livelihood. i procrastinated for days, often sucking my thumb in the corner, rocking gently back and forth, before i summoned the courage to do it.

here, i recount the process of what was actually involved, if anything so that i can remember everything i did if i ever have to do it again <shiver>.

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