Wordpress (WP) has enjoyed a great deal of success over the last several years. It’s a wildly popular publishing platform that’s gone from being just a tool for bloggers to a publishing system used by more traditional publishing sites (e.g., the Wall Street Journal magazine). In its most recent upgrade (version 3.0), a number of significant feature enhancements have pushed it further down the road towards become a more full-featured web content management system (CMS), garnering acclaim from many looking for Wordpress to evolve. Read More →

After years of maintaining a personal blog with professional bits scattered throughout, I finally decided to separate church and state, as it were, and this is the result. You’ll find my thoughts on digital strategy, web and mobile experience design, social media, and anything else that fires me up professionally here. Dusty entries prior to September 2009 are from the technology category of that older (somewhat defunct) blog. Rereading them is like looking at old High School photos: a combination of nostalgia tinged with embarrassment. Some are quaint anachronisms. Some are snarky (and not in a good way). Some are just not that well-written. MostRead More →