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Failure to communicate

A Wall Street Journal article written this week revealed how poor communication and disjointed oversight were largely responsible for the debacle. A review of that article, and others on the same topic, reveals a well-known laundry list of the classic problems faced by big Web projects: Continue reading

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How to control Web site sprawl: The big picture


In a previous post, I outlined a common problem many companies face after a few years in business: Web site sprawl. What starts out as a single company Web site can easily evolve into an unwieldy collection of sites scattered all over the place. Like a Zombie horde attacking your city, this is usually not a good thing.

It may seem hopeless, but there’s a way to bring order to this chaos. The approach is pretty simple:

  • Consolidate sites where it makes sense
  • Kill sites that don’t do any good
  • Leave everything else alone

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Six easy steps to create a custom short URL


URL shortening is de rigeur when using character-bound services like Twitter, but it’s also generally useful to turn gigantic and unwieldy URLs into something a bit more manageable. One thing you may have noticed is that lots of custom short URLs seem to be cropping up. It’s not just or or any more…Sites like the New York Times now generate their own custom short URLs (i.e., In fact, when you look on Twitter, it’s common to see more custom short URLs than those generated by services like Continue reading

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