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Online learning content: Taming the tyranny of choice


In a previous post, I examined the rising tyranny of choice in online learning content, and explored the ways in which this will pose challenges for learners trying to find the best content available. While technology can’t solve this problem entirely, it does offer some approaches that might make life easier for online learners. Continue reading

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Online learning content and the rising tyranny of choice


Online learning is experiencing what would appear to be its golden age (even though it’s been around for quite some time). Technologies have evolved to the point where it’s now possible to deliver engaging educational course content to hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously, in the context of an online "classroom" that supports questions, interactions, and exchange. In principle, all a student needs is Internet access, and the knowledge is there to grab. The technology platforms to deliver learning content in this way are becoming widely available, in many cases for free, which leads to an obvious conclusion: online learning content is going to explode. Anyone who wants to publish and has the means will. Continue reading

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