Find the Steve Jobs in you

Steve Jobs was an icon. He typifies the tech visionary, entrepreneur and businessman. His achievements are nearly unparalleled in the world of Internet technology: iPod, iPhone, iPad and iTunes as a media distribution platform (encompassing 317 patents). He eclipses almost everyone in the modern technology business, and served as the premiere spokesperson for the value of great product and user interface design. Who could possibly hope to accomplish everything he did?

No one.

And yet, at the same time, Steve Jobs serves as an example of what’s possible. Not in the sense that everyone could do what he did, but rather in the sense that everyone has something to contribute in the modern digital world. Or, more broadly, to the world in general.

Each of us has great potential. It manifests in the way we impact the lives of those around us, and occasionally, the lives of people outside our immediate circle. It’s incumbent upon each of us to find the way that we can maximize that impact to make the world a better place.

Steve Jobs did it in spades. What are the ways you can make the world a better place? How can you tap into your inner Steve Jobs?