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Social media pundits: Introspection or public navel-gazing?

Amber Naslund wrote a piece today about why she believes the social media “industry” has a credibility problem. In it, she decries four basic failures of people who claim to be experts in social media (direct quotes):

  • We talk too much about the value of our time rather than putting it to good use
  • We cannibalize our own
  • We’re intolerant of missteps
  • We talk about conversation, but we focus a great deal on the tools. And, on ourselves

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Key logs and the path to success

In a bygone era, courageous men moved logs by the thousands with rivers, crossing vast distances and enduring enormous risks. One of the perils of the trade was the log jam, when topography and conditions conspired to bring the flow of logs to a halt. In these situations, the solution was to find the key log, the one log that, when released, would break up the entire jam. Continue reading

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WordPress for content management: The good, the bad and the ugly

Wordpress (WP) has enjoyed a great deal of success over the last several years. It’s a wildly popular publishing platform that’s gone from being just a tool for bloggers to a publishing system used by more traditional publishing sites (e.g., the Wall Street Journal magazine). In its most recent upgrade (version 3.0), a number of significant feature enhancements have pushed it further down the road towards become a more full-featured web content management system (CMS), garnering acclaim from many looking for Wordpress to evolve. Continue reading

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Will “Good enough” kill the digital design agency?


"Abundance creates more problems than scarcity." Clay Shirky

A lot has changed since the early days of web design, when tools were scarce and skills were in high demand. Design tools, platforms and patterns have become ubiquitous (and often free). Does this spell the end for digital design agencies? Continue reading

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