Apple's most anticipated device since its last anticipated device

The amount of buzz surrounding Apple’s impending iPad release is reaching a crescendo. Anticipation is high and speculation is rampant, with pundits spewing predictions about the impact it will have on personal and mobile computing. We’ve got at least two coming to our studio, and people are excited. For gadget geeks, experience designers, and people who just love Apple products, Christmas is coming early this year.Read More →


The term “social media” continues to rise in usage and popularity, but what do people mean when they say it? Is it misleading? And who needs a label, anyway?

Both Aliza Sherman and Olivier Blanchard have taken on this topic recently, each with similar conclusions (i.e., “social media” is not the best term, it’s hard to come up with a better one, but we should probably try). They suggest “social web” and “social communications” as possible alternatives, each of which has its appeal. At the same time, neither term seems to get its arms all the way around the paradigm shift that’s taking place.Read More →