some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant.

this piece of wisdom was passed on to me some time ago, and i’ve found it a useful mantra. it helps remind me about life’s little ups and downs.

for the past few days, it’s been technology that’s the dog, and i’ve been the hydrant. so i’m just gonna vent the old spleen a bit, and move on to smaller and better things.Read More →

arcodology (n.): the black art of code examination and analysis, performed during software upgrades and/or web site refreshes. arcodologists sift through tangled code fragments, often (but not always) of unknown origin and authorship, in search of meaning, enlightenment, or any shred of code that can actually be re-used. See also frustration, laziness, and cruft.

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SPAMOUFLAGE AND SPAMJECTSso, let’s get the easy question out of the way first – why do so many spam messages have weird-yet-compelling subject lines? well, i can’t shed any light on why they’re compelling, but i can say what they’re trying to do…they’re trying to defeat best-of-breed, automated, anti-spam filters by disguising themselves as potentially interesting messages. those subject lines are "spamouflage." (i wish i could lay claim to this term – Wired beat me to it.) this probably comes as no surprise. some of you might even have said, ‘duh’ when you read the explanation above. the better question is, why do these subjectRead More →