Melville is loquacious

my spam filters have been getting progressively more sieve-like. the spammers are getting smarter at disguising their drivel. at least the email titles provide some entertainment value. for your sampling, here is a list of recent subjects:

  • melville loquacious january moliere
  • afghanistan down
  • draftsman marvelous maudlin gar
  • bolshevik hereof cone
  • Re: MDM, grunya! what’s this
  • Re: HDIIKINY, the procurator understood
  • beauregard actinium roof
  • hackneyed every michaelangelo
  • gallberry formatted ceil foot
  • expletive haunt maul exclaim osaka
  • hydrometer messy nitrogenous hartley adultery
  • bitwise narcosis gelatin mart
  • academy andorra influenza

it’s hard to pick my favorites, although any spam email that includes an element from the periodic table in its subject is pretty cool in my book. go actinium! (Z = 89)